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DC rotor core
professional stamping service for stator and rotor core.
    Product Number 6   Wide Category Consumer Electronics and Electrical Products   Intermediate Category Electrical Motorized Appliances and Accessories for Faimily Use   Detailed Category DEHUMIDIFIER   Serial Numbers SP-L   Product Name Lamination / Core for Shaded-Pole Motor   Description of Products Dehumidifiers often use shaded pole motor for its fan. Shaded pole motors are formed by shaded-pole-shaped laminations.   Remarks
  Product Number 4   Wide Category Electric Machinery and Electrical Equipment   Intermediate Category Motors & Parts   Detailed Category DC MICRO MOTORS   Serial Numbers DC-L   Product Name Lamination / Core for DC Motor   Description of Products DC laminations are used to form the core of DC motors. Please contact us for a complete list of DC lamination catalogue.   Remarks

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HSJCHAO has a proud heritage of family business dating back to 1975. Our product quality and years of experience made us the top choice of our customers. Thus, over the years, we gradually became one of the large-scale stamping vendors in northern Taiwan. We further established an affiliated company that specializes in the production of Shaded-Pole motors and Condenser-Run Motors.

We have won great reputation in both domestic and international markets because our reasonable pricing and top quality has attracted buyers to build long-term collaborative relationship with us.

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